Basic Digital Photography Tips




The emergence of digital cameras has made digital photography very common. Time and again we see people who stop, point the camera shoot and continue walking. In the end, they end up with lots of pictures that are worthless. In order to reduce the number of meaningless frames that you will have to delete, it is worthwhile to read about a few photography tips that may be of great help. Whether you are an experienced photographer or have just bought your first camera, reading the following photography basics will greatly improve your photography skills. Here you will find important information on camera controls such as lighting, focusing and shutter settings.

Currently, there are many digital cameras, with even more options and controls. Each option and control is important and has a bearing on the overall picture quality. It is, therefore not advisable just to leave your camera in auto for years. It is common to see most people’s pictures have all been taken in auto mode. The auto-mode is basically a white balance mode, therefore most pictures taken this way, end up somehow cool and fell empty. A photography trick here would be to take the same picture in different settings, view them on a computer and learn the best settings under different circumstances.

A common problem made by most photographers is constant use of the LCD display. The LCD display is only a few inches wide and therefore may not give a true representation of the image. The best photography trick is to employ the viewfinder; the trick with this is that the viewfinder will slow you down to help you think before shooting.

When adding colors to your picture, remember that the cloud setting will add red and yellow colors to the shots. This will make them warmer and more colorful. The level of variance will be different with each camera, so it is better to get out there and try shooting using different modes.

Another photography tip is how to set the correct shutter speed. Shutter speed controls the time over which the image sensor is exposed or remains open. Knowing how to choose the correct shutter speed is vital to getting the desired effect. Faster shutter speeds are ideal for moving targets; they increase your chance of freezing the action. Correct shutter speed combined with camera stabilization can help you capture superb shots.

If possible, controlling the width of the lens or camera aperture will improve the quality of your shots. Modern cameras have an ‘F-stop’ function which does this. Smaller aperture number refers to larger aperture size. In this setting, you have to use shorter shutter speed to achieve a correct exposure. You should learn to balance between aperture size, shutter speed and amount of light intensity. Use of filters can also allow you to directly control the amount of light that hits your lens.

I hope these basic digital photography tips will help you in cutting down the number of frames you will have to delete. It is important to practice with different modes and settings in order to get the best results.



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